Post-Credits Scene? – One mid-credits scene. – No after-the-credits scene. – Stay tuned after the movie!

Valak Return – 5 years after being defeated at Saint Carta Abbey. – Now terrorizing a French boarding school. – Sister Irene is back to stop Valak.

Eyes of Saint Lucy – New relic in the Conjuringverse. – Holds divine power. – Valak wants them to become invincible.

Irene's Vision – Martyrdom of Saint Lucy. – Valak’s presence during Saint Lucy's death. – Connection to Irene's past revealed.

Irene & Lorraine Warren – Image of Lorraine appears before Irene. – Are they related? – A nod to the actresses' real-life relationship.

The Conjuringverse Connection – Irene saves Sophie from a vision of The Conjuring 2. – Links The Nun II (1956) and The Conjuring 2 (21 years later)

The Eyes’ Power – Able to create precognitive visions? – Valak's tricks play with time.

Conjuring Movies Order – Start with The Nun (1952). – Follow with Annabelle: Creation (1955) and so on.

No Post-Credits, but Mid-Credits! – Tease for next Conjuring film. – Ed and Lorraine Warren get a significant call.

Upcoming: The Conjuring: Last Rite – Will Valak return? – Possible crossover with Sister Irene.

The Big Question – Will Sister Irene return? – Taissa Farmiga, Vera Farmiga, or another actress?

Are You A Descendant of Saint Lucy? – Maybe you'll get a vision of the next movie!