Destination D23 The most-awaited Disney fan event of the year unfolds with exciting revelations for Disneyland Resort enthusiasts.

D23: A Glimpse Disney's official fan club, D23, has a legacy of unveiling significant company-wide announcements.

Avengers Campus Attraction Hold on to your superhero hats! A revolutionary world-jump vehicle is about to land in the Avengers Campus.

Dive into the Multiverse This innovative attraction will transport adventurers directly into the heart of the Multiverse. Are you ready?

Stark Meets Wakanda and Xandar Experience a blend of Tony Stark's time-suits, Xandarian jump points, and the unparalleled Wakandan tech.

Star Tours Expansion Good news for "Star Wars" aficionados! A fresh addition featuring Ahsoka is in the pipeline.

Meet Ahsoka on Disney+ Catch a glimpse of Ahsoka in the original series "Star Wars: Ahsoka," now streaming on Disney+

D23's Anaheim Return Disney's ultimate fan event, D23, is set to dazzle Anaheim next August.

Disneyland Resort Kickoff The festivities begin at Disneyland Resort, with celebratory events that promise an experience like no other.

More Than Just a Resort Extend the fun to Angel Stadium, the Anaheim Convention Center, and the Honda Center in the same week.

Save the Date! Mark your calendars, Disney fans. Tickets for this grand event will be up for grabs next spring.

The Magic Awaits Gear up for an enhanced magical journey. Disneyland Resort is prepped to make your dreams come true.