The Earthquake's Wrath The 6.8-magnitude earthquake near Marrakech results in over 1,000 deaths, injuring hundreds.

A resident navigates through the rubble following a 6.8-magnitude quake in Marrakesh on Saturday. Fadel Senna/AFP via Getty Images

Atlas Mountains Affected Villages across the Atlas Mountains face destruction, impacting homes and lives.

The minaret of a mosque stands behind damaged or destroyed houses following an earthquake in Moulay Brahim, Al-Haouz province, on Saturday. Fadel Senna/AFP via Getty Images

Historical Marrakech Under Siege Iconic sites in Marrakech, the ancient city, bear the brunt of the earthquake's fury.

Residents take shelter outside at a square following an earthquake in Marrakesh on Saturday. Fadel Senna/AFP via Getty Images

A Survivor's Tale Mourad Louksani recounts the chilling moments: unfamiliar sounds, trembling apartments, and his family's frantic escape.

Impassable Roads Challenge Rescue With many roads blocked, reaching trapped or injured victims in remote areas proves daunting

Aid Enroute Government sends trucks with food, blankets, and more to the affected zones.

Marrakech Hospitals Overwhelmed Ambulances rush the injured to hospitals, showcasing the healthcare system's strain.

Historical Monuments at Risk The Koutoubia Mosque and the iconic red walls show signs of damage, raising concerns for heritage preservation.

Global Support Pours In Tourists and international governments, including France and Germany, step up to offer help.

Morocco's Seismic Past The country revisits memories of the tragic 1960 Agadir earthquake.

International Solidarity President Biden expresses sorrow and ensures assistance for the affected Moroccan people.

Now, as Marrakech tries to rebuild, the world stands united, offering a helping hand to restore its lost glory.