Fatal Encounter: Ohio police fatally shot Ta'Kiya Young, a pregnant woman, after a short interaction in a Kroger store parking lot.

Investigation Underway: The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is reviewing the shooting, while the officer who fired the shot remains on administrative leave.

Demand for Accountability: Advocates demand transparency and accountability, seeking identification of the officer responsible for the shooting.

Initial Encounter: Body-camera footage shows officers interacting with Young for about a minute before the fatal shot was fired.

Parking Lot Incident: The incident took place in a Kroger store parking lot, where officers were assisting another woman before encountering Young.

Allegations of Theft: A store employee claimed Young had stolen alcohol bottles, leading to the encounter with the police.

Confrontation Escalates: Officers instruct Young to exit the car; she denies theft allegations and argues before turning the car's wheel.

Tragic Shooting: An officer draws his handgun as Young's car moves forward; a single shot is fired through the windshield, striking her.

Aftermath: The car stops on the sidewalk; Young receives medical aid but is pronounced dead at the hospital. She was due to give birth soon.

Lack of Officer Identification: The officer who fired the shot remains unidentified, sparking calls for transparency from Young's family and advocates.

Legal Proceedings: Blendon Township Police Chief John Belford states that a lawsuit is likely and legal constraints limit the information that can be shared.

Calls for Justice: Community vigils and protests demand justice for Young, who leaves behind two young sons and a grieving family.