Powerball Updates! The Powerball lottery jackpot increased as no one matched all six numbers on Wednesday.

Are You the Winner? Grab your tickets and check. You could be the game's newest millionaire.

Latest Numbers For Saturday, Sept. 2, the jackpot is a whopping $420 million with a cash option of $203.6 million.

Recent Winning Numbers From 9/2/23: 25, 38, 42, 66, 67. Powerball: 19. Power Play: 4X.

Big Wins! Two tickets from North Carolina and New York won $1 million. Another in Minnesota secured $2 million with Power Play.

Powerball Winner Tips If you're the lucky winner, secure your ticket and lay low. Know the dos and don'ts.

Winning Criteria You only need the Powerball number to win $4. However, two numbers alone won't win a prize.

Next Drawing Date Eager for the next draw? It's on Monday with an estimated jackpot of $435 million.

How Often Are Draws? Draws take place three times a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Mega Millions Alert! The jackpot has leaped to $101 million for the Sept. 1 drawing.

2023 Powerball Wins Some notable 2023 jackpots include: – $1.08 billion in California – $754.6 million in Washington

Top Jackpots Ever Leading the list is a massive $2.04 billion won in California on Nov. 7, 2022.