– DeSantis and Haley criticize Trump. – Yet, both show unwavering support even if Trump faced felony convictions.

Except for Christie and Hutchinson, every candidate pledged their support to Trump.

Despite showing willingness to overlook Trump's potential crimes, Pence stood firm on his Jan 6, 2021 decision. "He asked me to put him over the Constitution, and I chose the Constitution,” Pence declared.

While Trump wasn't physically present, his influence dominated the debate.

Candidates acknowledged Trump’s questionable actions, but hesitated to criticize him extensively.

His praise for Trump bordered on sycophancy. Yet, he subtly mocked Trump's preference for golf over more athletic endeavors.

The debate covered abortion, Ukraine, immigration, climate change, and more. Each candidate tried to define their unique stance.

Strived to appear as a moderate alternative among the candidates.

Bold at times, vague at others. His approach left questions about his dedication to surpass Trump.

Most candidates seemed to be waiting for an external factor to shake up the race.

The Republican party's moral dilemma with Trump remains evident.

– The debate left many craving for genuine bravery and clarity. The Republican presidential debate provided a clear insight into the candidates' positions concerning Trump, revealing a mix of loyalty, apprehension, and tactical maneuvering.