The Beginning September 1:  Scam 2003 releases. Hansal Mehta, creator of Scam 1992, crafts the second instalment based on Sanjay Singh's "Telgi Scam: Reporter's ki Diary".

The Name: Telgi  A name synonymous with infamy in India. Telgi's operations jeopardized the country's financial pillars.

Humble Origins  Born in 1961, Telgi faced a tough early life. With the death of his father, a railway worker, he sold fruits on trains to support his education.

Saudi Sojourn Moved to Saudi Arabia for seven years, returning with a sinister plan.

The Forging Begins  Telgi initially forged passports, even starting Arabian Metro Travels to send labor to Saudi using fake documents.

The Shift to Stamp Papers  From passports to counterfeit stamp paper, Telgi found a gold mine. He built a ₹30,000 crore empire selling to banks, firms, and insurance companies.

The Law Intervenes  The vastness of the scam ensnared many officials. Telgi faced a 30-year sentence in 2006, with an added 13 years in 2007.

Heavy Price to Pay  Beyond imprisonment, Telgi was slapped with a whopping ₹202 crore fine.

A Lavish Lifestyle  Known for splurging, he once gifted a dancer, Tarannumn Khan, ₹90 lakh in just one evening.

The Legacy  Scam 2003 seeks to shed light on the life and crimes of a man whose counterfeit operations shook India

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The Impact  Even today, the repercussions of Telgi's counterfeit operations are felt in India's financial sectors.